Tight Vac - TV3 - 150g

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Snackvac Extraordinaire!

The Perfect 6 oz. Gourmet Coffee & Tea Container. The ultimate parmesan cheese dispenser prevents caking. Dry goods such as herbs & spices, coffee, tea, sugar, nuts, candies, dried fruit, protein powder, vitamins will all last 3x longer. The soda can size 6 ounce Snackvac is perfect for the kitchen, office, road trips and school lunches. Refrigerated items such as cheese, lettuce, parsley, basil, cut onions, scallions, zucchini and most leafy vegetables will last 2x longer. Tightvac’s prevent weevil & bug infestations. Keeps dry goods up to 1 year and beyond! Store any Tightvac conveniently on the countertop, in the pantry, the fridge or freezer. Our Vacs save you money and guarantee fresher for longer food storage.

Capacity: 6 oz. / 150 g / 0.57 liter

Dimensions: 5-5/8" tall x 3-3/8" diameter (14.3 cm x 8.6 cm)

Recommended Uses:
6 oz Coffee & Tea
C & H Sugar 16 oz.
Medical herbs – 1 oz / 40 grams
Reese's Pieces 1 bag/15 oz.
Blue Diamond Peanuts, Almonds, Cashews bags 8oz. – 10 oz.



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