Smokit Dugout 2" - Green

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  • Smokit Dugout 2" - Green
  • Smokit Dugout 2" - Green
  • Smokit Dugout 2" - Green
  • Smokit Dugout 2" - Green
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  • Multi-hitter

    Custom molded aluminum alloy pipe stores inside Smokit. Holds up to five draws and has serrated edges to make packing it a breeze.

  • Poker/scooper

    Copper custom molded scooping tool stores inside Smokit. Poker end cleans and de-clogs multi-hitter.

  • Removable grinder card

    Top quality stainless steel grinding surface fits directly over storage area. Doubles as flat edge tool to gather loose tobaccol.

  • Removable silicone container

    Grade A medical silicone container custom fit inside Smokit.

  • Designed in USA

    Precision engineering, rubber matte finish, passes drop test and holds up to everyday wear and tear.

  • Incredibly Compact

    Measuring in at only 2.5"x1.5"x.5" this is the most portable smoking system - ever! Comparable in size to a Zippo.

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